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From talking to senior leadership teams, we find time and again that the success (or failure) of their innovation and digitisation efforts rest on how well they understand emerging technologies as well as the prevailing mindsets amongst those that create them.

To help leaders in more traditional companies leap-frog their competition in this area, we have devised a number of training solutions.

Which one works best for your organisation?

Horizon scanning workshops

This is one of our most popular training sessions. We gather your senior leadership team together in one room over one or two days to fully get to grips with the innovation that is about to impact your industry. Our team of specialist researchers will scour the world for relevant new technology as well as social trends and present these to you in an engaging and thought-provoking format.

Innovation safaris

Often, one of the key arguments against trying a new approach is “it will never work”. What if you could meet people who have dis-proven that and ask them exactly how they did it? This is where our innovation safaris come in. We arrange a day or two of visits to exciting startups and companies that have already applied the kind of ideas you are currently considering - whether in your sector or an adjacent one. This is your time to be nosey!

Rapid innovation projects

This is where you get your hands dirty. Following extensive preparation by our team of specialists, we challenge you, the senior leadership team, to build an entirely new startup concept that operates within your own industry.

This intensive, week-long workshop, teaches you how to think like a startup founder, question long-standing beliefs and leverage freely available technology that you may not have been aware of previously.

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