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AI trends to watch

Janette Lynch

Having recently been to a talk on the topic of AI, I was expecting to come away knowing new things about the subject. But, I did not. On the plus side it inspired the following blog post to highlight some exciting trends in this space!

Conversational AI

Amazon are taking conversational AI to the next level. They are exploring sensitivity and translational technology. They are training Alexa to recognise speech patterns that can be indicative of suicide. This could be the future of using bots for psychiatric counselling.

Throughout the year, it is likely to be more research into this area.

AI in medicine & clinical systems

Landing Page Babylon Health Example AI future

It’s expected that by the end of next year half of the leading healthcare systems will adopt some form of AI for diagnosis.

An example of this in action is Babylon. It is an app that delivers high quality healthcare through a mobile device. As a lot of people will admit, they don’t make the time to see their doctor or if they do it takes too long to get an appointment. There are also people in countries that do not have any access to good healthcare.

Babylon’s mission is to put an accessible and affordable health service in the hands of every person on earth.

It allows doctors to access patients through video to diagnose and treat conditions. They have also integrated an AI nurse to help people with their symptoms. Their free symptom checker is as accurate as a nurse and has the ability to check 100s of millions of symptom combinations. It does this in real time for free wherever you are in the world.

AI to scale up marketing & sales

Enterprises are likely to scale up excellence AI to deal with more complex IT ecosystems.

For example, Amplero enables B2C marketers to optimise customer lifetime value. It does this on a scale that is not possible for humans.

Firms like Virgin Mobile and Microsoft use the platform to test marketing approaches at scale. This can then optimise customer interactions and maximise lifetime value.

As one last fun thing, In the future… AI is likely to open up new scope for research in astrophysics and energy.

It’s expected that AI will revolutionise the energy industry. Experts predict AI will enable the detection of an unexpected astrophysical event. If such an even emits gravitational waves this can be detected. This would open a new field of research in contemporary astrophysics.

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